We are the Wheycation team.

wheycation team doris erne

Doris Erne Co-Founder and Managing Director

I have turned my passion for food, innovation and adventure into my profession. After studying food science at the ETH, I’ve been working in the food industry for over 12 years. In 2018 the entrepreneurial spark that had always been in me was finally ignited and I founded my own company.

I am passionate about circular economy and sustainable food, from farm to fork, and I see huge potential in terms of protecting our environment and increasing the quality of life if we are more careful with our resources and consume more consciously, less and more enjoyably. I am a doer and would like to make a contribution to reducing food waste and at the same time make a living from the fact that we bring enjoyment, joy and health to the people through great food.

My favorite product: The Recovery Shake Exotic. Otherwise I don’t like protein shakes at all, they are always too sweet and too artificial for me. The cocoa fruit brings a whole new taste experience and the natural sweetness is exactly to my taste.

Shaped by my career in the Swiss food industry and in Austrian retail and as a mother of two children, I have been dealing with conscious and healthy, yet enjoyable consumption for a long time. The subject of food waste is also very important to me. Since it is precisely these topics that are very important at Wheycation, I am delighted to be able to work for this great company and at the same time to be able to make a contribution to reducing food waste.

My favorite product: The Molke Shake Berries. I prefer fruity and natural flavors and attach great importance to subtle sweetness. The Relax Whey Shake perfectly meets my requirements for an enjoyable and healthy snack.

wheycation team sonja spoerri

Sonja Spörri Head of
Marketing and Sales

wheycation team christian studer

Christian Studer Co-Founder

I grew up in the countryside and therefore spent a large part of my childhood outdoors. Later, during my apprenticeship, I competed extensively in mountain bike races. I haven’t competed in a long time. My passion for bikes and outdoor activities remains an important part of my life.

Talking to my parents, they both grew up on a farm, and while traveling I became more and more aware over the years that too many resources are wasted in the production of food these days. At the same time, ever larger areas of cultivation are being claimed, which means that habitat for natural flora and fauna is disappearing.

With my collaboration as co-founder of Wheycation, which develops products from side streams in the food industry, I can make a small contribution to counteracting this trend. It goes without saying that working in a startup is extremely exciting and varied. Working at a food startup also has the advantage that there is always something to try.

My favorite product: The Recovery Shake Berries. I’ve always been a big fan of berries and I really like the natural berry taste. In addition, I need quick recovery after intense sports and this is what the Recovery Shake offers me.