Our company Wheycation

Our vision

High-quality products instead of food waste: For a future with really good food.

Our mission

We don’t see waste products, but new and valuable raw materials: We develop healthy and tasty food by upgrading (upcycling) side streams of food production. By “healthy” we mean: natural and understandable ingredients, short list of ingredients, minimally processed, ingredients optimally tailored to the needs. By “tasty” we mean: natural and authentic taste.

Our purpose

We are «Impact Entrepreneurs». We are not primarily driven by financial profit for our company, but that the environment and society benefit equally from our solutions. We are helping to restart our food system through a regenerative and, if possible, circular way of producing and consuming, for a planet with a future.

Our corporate values

Love of adventure:
We are brave and active, think positively, leave our comfort zone and enjoy life.

Less is more:
We question existing processes and look for simple solutions, step by step, with intelligence and mindfulness.

Close to nature:
We are authentic, reliable and we walk the talk.

Our company history

We, Doris and Christian, are enthusiastic two-wheelers, CrossFit and outdoor enthusiasts and fans of healthy, natural, honest and above all enjoyable food.

We were looking for protein products for nutrition around our sporting activities that met our need for transparency, naturalness and balance. We came across the topic of whey in 2017 and unfortunately couldn’t find any products made from Swiss whey that we liked.

At the same time, we learned that over a million tons of whey in Switzerland does not end up in human nutrition, but in animal feed or the biogas plant. And this despite the fact that whey contains valuable whey proteins, vitamins and minerals. So we researched and decided to develop something out of this wonderful raw material.

Skepticism meets taste

Many around us were skeptical, especially when it came to taste. After trying it, however, they were mostly surprised at how great whey can taste. That only spurred us on and in 2018 we embarked on the adventure of setting up a company and developing products. In the same year we launched the first whey drink called “jomo shake”. In the course of the following year, we decided to restart and began with a complete overhaul of our business idea.

In 2020, our young company launched the Molke Shake in the berries and mango varieties, which has also been available at Migros since March 2021.

Sonja has been “officially” on board since May 2021 and will gradually take on responsibility for marketing and sales. But right from the very beginning, when the idea of using Swiss whey slowly grew into a business idea in 2017, Sonja was involved in the project.

Wood & field becomes Wheycation

Since we all have lots of ideas for more healthy and sustainable products made from whey and we want to better emphasize the aspect of regeneration, we have been operating under the new name and the umbrella brand Wheycation since autumn 2021.

At the same time we brought out a new product, the Recovery Shake Powder in the varieties Cacao, Berries and Exotic. In addition to the recovery functionality and the naturalness of the ingredients, the focus is also on the naturalness of the taste.

Further product lines are in the planning stage. We are also doing research together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences HAFL in order to expand our knowledge on the subject of whey and fermentation and to be able to present innovative products made from Swiss whey in the near future – and thus save as much whey as possible.