Sustainability projects that we support

Von uns unterstützte Nachhaltigkeits-Projekte

We donate 1% of the sales from our online shop to sustainability projects in Switzerland. For the year 2022 we will support the following two organisations with a contribution.

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Agricultura Regeneratio Association

Agricultura Regeneratio is the association for regenerative agriculture and food industry. A group of committed doers promotes this by strengthening the network, by sensitizing society and by supporting farms.

Agricultura Regeneratio wants to help regenerative methods to attract more attention in Switzerland and beyond. Regenerative agriculture is being made better known in society and in the economy.

“Agriculture and food production in harmony with nature: healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people.”

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The association is committed to providing information and education on the subject of food waste. They promote and support the social dialogue and provide impetus for innovative solutions.

In Switzerland today, a third of all available food is lost on the way to the plate or ends up in the trash. Almost half of this waste is generated at home. informs, sensitizes and activates the population with the aim of reducing food waste in the household.

“Appreciating and enjoying food means reducing waste. For the love of food.“

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